Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Round Town Music Festival

This coming Friday I will be in Kent at the Stone Tavern  for the  'Round town Festival.
My set will begin at 6PM following Avin Baird at 5PM. Julia Davis gets things going at 4pm and Poor Lazurus closes out beginning at 7pm.
The posted schedule has changed.
This Festival runs all day in downtown Kent and features over 40 acts. It is descended from what was once the Kent State Folk Festival.
Stop in for a listen. The Tavern always has great sound, and a very good draft beer selection. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

One World from Burton to the UK

This past weekend, I participated in Cleveland's One World Festival, performing as a busker. This is how it all started for me so I was comfortable. But the praise of Festival organizer James Levin and sponsor Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland was a big treat rarely enjoyed when I was a young street performer in Chicago. Thomas also joined in with me on a hand drum he recently picked up at a festival in Maine. I had a blast singing old American folk music as well as my tunes that fit the category well. My friend Darrell Branch took a number of beautiful photos of all the events going on through out the festival. It was a perfect fall like day.

When my set ended, we jumped in the car and drove east on rt 87 into Amish country in Geauga county for a gig at the Coffee Corners in Burton. The small coffee shop show was well attended, and I was still going strong as the show came to a close.

Sunday morning, I received a call from the UK radio station "This is the the Cat". I was on for about 5 minutes. They have been very supportive, playing my music for listeners through out England. Below is a link to the show. My segment begins at 1/4 past the hour.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Harmony and Diversity.

Becca Bessinger and Tim Brennan
   I am listening to some vocal harmonies that Becca Bessinger has added to my song Hemlock Hill. Becca recorded these parts in South Carolina and sent them to me via drop box. You wouldn't know to listen that we are working in two different parts of the country. The song was written in the Pennsylvania highlands, my parts were recorded in Cleveland Heights, and Becca worked in the Carolina low country. It sounds like we are just sitting on a porch together with guitar and song. It is so much fun to hear these recordings come together.
   The other day, Xe la came by and added a vocal to Emeryville, a tune that chronicled an Amtrak the two of us took this past spring. Like Becca's part, the addition of these singers makes the song jump off the tape and come to life in ways that I had yet to imagine.
   This weekend I will be playing at the One World Festival on the Busker Stage Saturday at 4:30pm. Later that evening I will be in Burton Ohio performing at the Coffee Corners.
   Sunday at noon I will join Kevin and the crew for a radio interview in the UK

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Showcasing FARM and tonight at the 10x3

 Last night as I settled in after my gig at the Barking Spider I saw a Facebook post from Brent Kirby stating that he had an opening for his 10x3 songwriter showcase at Brothers Lounge in Lakewood. Well Brent is a good guy and runs a great weekly event. I haven't done the showcase since folknet ran the event in March, and I thought it might be fun to travel out there tonight to play and meet some new folks. I sent him a quick email, and he replied soon after saying, the spot is yours. See you tomorrow. So tonight at 10:20pm I will be performing a set and listening to 9 other songwriters. I am looking forward to it. Stop in if you are in the area.

This morning, I woke up to an email from Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) letting me know that I was chosen to do a Folk DJ and presenter showcase at this years conference. I had already been asked by the DJ, but today's email was my confirmation.  It means that I was selected by a DJ (Jim Hall) who likes my music enough to endorse me through the selection. The showcase will place me on the stage before all attendees of the conference. I am very excited for this opportunity.