Sunday, October 19, 2014

FARM 2014

This coming Thursday we head out to St Louis for FARM (Folk Alliance Region Midwest). This year I was asked to coordinate all of the workshops. I also have a few showcases during the conference.
The big showcase will be Thursday evening during the DJ and Presenters Showcase on the main stage. Jim Hall of East Lansing has asked me to perform as his selection. My time will be at 10:20 PM.

I am looking forward to seeing all of my folk friends from across the region, as well as meeting new folks. 
Folknet has also sponsored a Private Showcase. I have been the primary coordinator for our showcase room. 
Below is a listing of my personal showcases:

Thursday Night
10:20 PM DJ and Presenter Showcase- Mainstage
12am Folknet In The Round (Rm. 268)
1:00 Access Film Festival (Rm 271)
Friday Night 
1:40 Old Home Place (Rm. 270)
Saturday Night
12:30 Folknet (rm 268)
1:00 (Host) First Timers Room (Rm 258)
1:30 Folknet in the Round (Rm. 268)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

An Easy Win

The past weekend I participated in the Heights Music Hop. 30 acts filled the bars, cafes, eateries, shops, yoga studios, library, and super market of the Cedar Lee district here in Cleveland Heights. The street suffered an arson(Katz Diner)earlier this week and a pub owner( Jim Brennan) was murdered earlier this summer. The community came out in full force for the event. While the thoughts of Jim and this weeks fire were with us all, no one felt intimidated or afraid. The event was a huge success.  It was a treat to see everyone come together for an evening of local music. I played at the Tavern Co. Just a few blocks from the house I grew up in. My folks and brother attended which is always a treat.
My friend Darrell Branch took a lot of photos of the event. The image to the left is one of them.

This morning we finished recording another song for the new CD. It is called Easy Win. You can preview it with the link at Folk Alley. Joining me is David Krauss on harmonica, and Davidione Pearl on vocals. Once done with he recording we went out to watch the Browns play the Steelers. We were treated to a win. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Accidental Fruit : Free song download!

This is my newest song. I originally named it "Back Soon", but have renamed it, "Accidental Fruit". This is the audio demo with mandolin. This demo is free for the download for a limited time. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back Soon... New song.