Monday, December 8, 2014

Kickstarter Update #1

I started this campaign Friday evening. I was hopeful to get it going early, and boy did it. Thanks to everyone who has pledged, the campaign is at 30% in under 3 days. How great would it be if this were to be funded in 10 days? But I know how this things go. Quick start, quiet for a bit, towards the end everything comes together.
This of course assumes that I am working hard at promoting the campaign. I do. I have to. I spend so much time working on the songs, recordings, and artwork for the CD. It makes little sense to not do everything I can to make sure it has the support needed for release.
Using a Crowdfunding platform is both rewarding and frustrating.  Most of the folks I know understand that I see this as a presale mechanism. In the same way that the Orchestra sells season tickets before the new season begins. It assures us that there is an interest in the music, and that we should continue to work as hard as we can to present it. When we support presales, or crowdfunding, we are letting artist and musicians know that we are behind them and enjoy the craft. So as I continue to promote the kickstarter campaign, what I am really doing is building awareness for the new CD and doing all I can to insure that it will be heard by many.
Your support provides the foundation for a strong CD release. It also lets others know that you have validated my music and by doing so give it your recommendation. This helps me to reach a broader audiences. 
Thank you.

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