Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hemlock Hill: Kickstarter Update
 I was planning to do a headshot for the cover, but when I was at my parents house for Thanks giving I spotted this photo. It is a photo of the house my grandparents owned from 1950. The House was called Hemlock Hill. The first song completed on the CD was inspired by memories of that house. 
The house remains high atop a mountain in Sullivan County, PA. The fence is gone and the bushes have grown. We had an opportunity to visit and take a peak inside a few years ago. The family that now occupies it grew up about a mile from my home here in Cleveland Heights. This is a very small world. 
The song is based on memories from when I was very young, and my fathers wish to bring the family together again each summer now. It is a tough task with busy schedules, but I think we all try. The song is built on a riff I wrote while spending a couple of weeks with my folks in a rental near Hemlock Hill. It was during that summer visit that we took a short trip into the Lehigh Valley and toured the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth, PA. We also explored my dads college town in Easton, PA, just a couple of miles east.
The recording includes some wonderful vocals by Becca Besinger of Charleston SC. She heard me sing it at a house concert while I was down there and told me that she wanted to sing on it. A year later I sent her an Mp3 and she added some vocals and emailed me back her sound files. Technology is fun that way. David Krauss also adds spirited harmonica part to my bass, mandolin, and guitar. It is a fun recording. 
Anyhow, the campaign is going strong, nearing 50% after one week. The start was very quick, followed by a very slow couple of days. Slow is not stopped though. I am very encouraged by those that have already pledged and by the number of folks that have shared the campaign through social media. 
Thank you all for your support. I look forward to sharing this music with you all. Please make your pledge TODAY! 

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