Monday, September 15, 2014

One World from Burton to the UK

This past weekend, I participated in Cleveland's One World Festival, performing as a busker. This is how it all started for me so I was comfortable. But the praise of Festival organizer James Levin and sponsor Thomas Mulready of Cool Cleveland was a big treat rarely enjoyed when I was a young street performer in Chicago. Thomas also joined in with me on a hand drum he recently picked up at a festival in Maine. I had a blast singing old American folk music as well as my tunes that fit the category well. My friend Darrell Branch took a number of beautiful photos of all the events going on through out the festival. It was a perfect fall like day.

When my set ended, we jumped in the car and drove east on rt 87 into Amish country in Geauga county for a gig at the Coffee Corners in Burton. The small coffee shop show was well attended, and I was still going strong as the show came to a close.

Sunday morning, I received a call from the UK radio station "This is the the Cat". I was on for about 5 minutes. They have been very supportive, playing my music for listeners through out England. Below is a link to the show. My segment begins at 1/4 past the hour.

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