Monday, September 8, 2014

If you were stranded on a desert island, what format would your music be in?

   As I do my research to try formulate a plan for my next release, my big question is in the delivery of recorded music. CDs are no longer something I purchase for myself often, except for the occasional gem in the dollar section or a reward for supporting a crowdfunding campaign.
   One day archaeologists will be able to identify recording musicians from the early 21st century by the boxes of discs stored away in their closets.
   Most of my sales reports show that streaming services are doing a good job of distribution. I am happy to know that the songs are being heard. Through Pandora and Spotify, these songs continue to find new listeners beyond the reach of my wandering house concerts. The downside of course is that a good month of streaming revenue won't cover the cost of a coffee date.
   I have download cards available. They are easy to transport, and I can sell them at half the price of a CD or itunes, but the interest is not there. For the most part they are give away items. The primary reasons for making CDs today are radio, gifts, and support.
   Radio tends to want the music in CD form. It enables the programmers an easy format to audition the music and provides them with all of the information in a convenient package. The audio quality is also at the standard prefered.
   The CD provides an exchange of goods, allowing the listener an opportunity to support the bands and songwriters they like.
   As gifts go, a CD is always a welcome and thoughtful gesture.
   So anyhow, I am wrestling with options and decisions for production. One thought I have is to release a short book, packaged with download cards.....Does anyone read physical
books any longer?

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  1. I still like the feel of an actual book in my hands...This being said, I listen to most of my music on itunes or stream, so I think it is an interesting concept. Appreciate your music~