Friday, September 12, 2014

Harmony and Diversity.

Becca Bessinger and Tim Brennan
   I am listening to some vocal harmonies that Becca Bessinger has added to my song Hemlock Hill. Becca recorded these parts in South Carolina and sent them to me via drop box. You wouldn't know to listen that we are working in two different parts of the country. The song was written in the Pennsylvania highlands, my parts were recorded in Cleveland Heights, and Becca worked in the Carolina low country. It sounds like we are just sitting on a porch together with guitar and song. It is so much fun to hear these recordings come together.
   The other day, Xe la came by and added a vocal to Emeryville, a tune that chronicled an Amtrak the two of us took this past spring. Like Becca's part, the addition of these singers makes the song jump off the tape and come to life in ways that I had yet to imagine.
   This weekend I will be playing at the One World Festival on the Busker Stage Saturday at 4:30pm. Later that evening I will be in Burton Ohio performing at the Coffee Corners.
   Sunday at noon I will join Kevin and the crew for a radio interview in the UK

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